Our exclusive system synchronizes all the mobile devices and tablets connected to the system: the information displayed will always be reliable. KaliTouchTM processes dozens of commands at the same time, so no task gets left behind. Lighting, streaming, multimedia, curtains and blinds: everything reacts immediately.


KaliTouchTM communicates fluently in IP, RS232/485, Infra-red, KNX, EnOcean, MyHome, DMX, Dali, Lonworks, Sonos, MyMovies, and the KaliTouchTM library keeps growing. So a wide range of equipment can be at your control: anything from the lights to the bathtub!


KaliTouchTM is designed to be used without a manual. It has a coded interface that uses the same language as mobile devices and tablets so it provides ease of response and comfort. It also features all the power necessary to use the next generation of applications like Augmented Reality. KaliTouchTM is confi gured by the KaliTuneTM software program so you can program advanced home automation scenarios without having to learn any complicated programming.

Energy Control

A smart counter for your electricity, water, and gas use will allow you to monitor energy consumption: KaliTouchTM posts current use as well as statistics for weekly, monthly, and annual consumption. So KaliTouchTM can guide you toward optimal energy use, and it can also be used to set your appliances to any of several pre-determined usage levels, including “Comfort”, “Smart”, or “Economy” settings.

Multimedia and streaming

KaliTouchTM gathers all the remote devices for your multimedia equipment into a single application. Multiple audio and video sources can be controlled directly within KaliTouchTM.

Indoor GPS

Bluetooth signals tell KaliTouchTM where your mobile phone and tablet are located within the building. The interface is updated automatically and offers controls set for every room the user moves through.

KaliHubTM is a built-in industrial system with an architecture to guarantee energy use below 12W. It contains no mechanical parts that will wear down over time, and it integrates directly into your electrical panel. KaliMindTM developed a specific Linux system to ensure high performance and optimal availability.

  • Energy management made easy
  • Re-lamping control
  • Smart metering
  • Heating & cooling control
  • Monitoring of saving